Earthwise CCS30008 Chainsaw Review

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The Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw is an excellent product. It delivers exceptional results at a great price. This is perfect for a wide range of needs and is sure to exceed your expectations. If you are in the market for a chain saw, this is a very good option.  We found to have the best price on this product and it also comes with free delivery, which is always nice.  Click here to check it out.

For your convenience is has automatic bar, chain, and motor oiling; this is a hassle free unit. It is also equipped with several safety features including the safety tip blade with a plastic cover.

In addition, it has rubber over its molded handle for your increased comfort.

Earthwise CCS30008 Features

  • 18-volt motor
  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • 18-volt NiCad battery charger compatible with other Earthwise 18-volt tools
  • Automatic bar, chain, and motor oiling
  • Oil level window

Earthwise CCS30008 Reviews

This high-quality unit received great reviews from customers of all ages and skill levels. The Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw is an affordable unit that delivers incredible results. It has an excellent capability, especially compared to other leading brands.

In addition, it is designed for your complete safety. You will not have to worry about this product malfunctioning; it is built to last.  Many reviewers commented on how they preferred Earthwise to all other brands because of its consistently well-made products. It comes highly recommended based on performance, price, and durability. In particular, its battery life is unmatched in the industry. This battery ensures that you will be able to work for hours without slowing down.

Although it has a much better battery life, so customers found that it was less powerful than Black & Decker models. In addition, first-time chain saw users were disappointed with the lack of instruction included in the manual. Others found the speed of the chain a bit slow, while some found that the blade dulls fairly quickly. However, despite minor problems this unit comes highly recommended.

This chain saw is exceptionally convenient and easy to use. It is lightweight so that you will not strain your muscles after long periods of work. This unit is extremely portable and hassle-free. Reviewers really like that it is cordless, making it very easy to work with. The Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw is remarkably easy to operate.

Like most cordless chain saws, this model is perfect for small to medium jobs. Most people found the directions adequate. For your additional convenience, it comes fully assembled.

Earthwise CCS30008 Review Summary

Customers like that it automatically lubricates itself. This saves you from the hassle and mess of oil. In addition, there is virtually zero kickback. This model is designed for easy use and optimal performance. The chain also stays tight and you will not have to worry about constantly maintaining this model.

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If you are looking for an efficient and affordable model, the Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw is perfect for you. It delivers excellent results and is equipped with a wide range of features. You will be impressed by how well the Earthwise CCS30008 unit operates; it will definitely exceed your expectations.

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